Cooltropy was born in 2016 as a producer, marketer and exporter of exotic fruits, located in Sabaneta, Antioquia. We are born with the aim of offering our customers an excellent quality, efficiency and effectiveness in each order and above all provide an integral service. We have different crops such as Hass avocado, reed avocado, pearl tomatoes, spicy cherries of the Carolina reaper variety, habanero, trinidad, jalapeño. In addition, we acquire contracts with different producers, who offer other varieties that help satisfy the market demand. : Banana, platano, banana baby, uchuva, gulupa, maracuyà, guanabana, mango tommy, keitt and azucar, cacao, pina MD2 by boat and airplane, mangostino, guava pear, lemon tahiti, tropical orange. Coming soon cranberries of own production in greenhouse. We can also provide our customers with frozen and pasteurized fruit pulp in different flavors such as: (pineapple, mango, soursop, guava, pear, mulberry, avocado, passion fruit, tree tomato, lulo, etc.) We are currently growing and striving to meet and meet the needs of our customers.


Produce, commercialize and export together with our suppliers and our team of technicians, engineers and agronomists that allow us to always have a harvest of exotic fruits of excellent quality, with an integral and punctual service that allows the growth and efficiency of the company and The benefit of our workers.


Being an internationally recognized company, for having an excellent quality and punctual delivery, growing as producers in the offer of different varieties of fruit and achieving the loyalty of our customers.



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